Beginner’s Guide to Olympic Hockey Betting

Olympic Hockey Betting is not overly difficult. In fact, the chances of backing the winner at the 2010 Tournament are pretty good. If you’re a Canadian that is. But the biggest problem with betting this year on the Olympics is the new rules. The Ice is smaller, NHL sized and there are a host of changes to the game play. Not to mention there is no shootout in Olympic Hockey.

Here’s how you should go about choosing your team in 2010:

1. Stay away from your home country. It’s always tempting to back your fellow whatevers but that doesn’t mean it’s smart money to do so. Think with your head not your heart when it comes to laying down money on the tournament. You may end up betting on the Americans, but as much as that should bother you emotionally, it’s a financial investment after all.

2. Go with experience. hocky betting india This means staying away from anything that’s just a little bit too flashy. The team with the most young guys usually doesn’t have the mental metal to make it to the medal games. Steer clear, or bet on them at your own risk.

3. No old men!! That does include the Canadian Blueline. Old guys in your team create a vulnerability when it comes to a long tournament where there are no replacements.

4. Back a team with a good goaltender. In the clutch this is where it counts. But that doesn’t mean Brodeur and Luongo are automatics. They both have shown big game weakness. You might be better off going with Finland or Sweden.