How did people start trading back in ancient times and why

Back in the day when money still didn’t exist, and you wanted to buy something, what would you do? Exchange something you have but don’t need that much for something that you needed at the moment. To be more specific, you would make a trade.
That is how trading began and developed to what it is now. Commodities were the first thing, and later on, with every technology improvement came something new. Today we have all sorts of trading, from forex to stocks, but let’s have a glimpse of how it was before.
Human Interaction
Thousands of years ago, it was super hard to obtain things. If you didn’t have a farm, didn’t know how to make things, you needed to travel and look if something you wanted to obtain along the way. That was usually walking long distances, visiting various places, but there weren’t many trading towns. However, with proper human interaction and the first civilizations’ birth around 5000 years ago, trading started to bloom, and many became rich quickly.
Various Treasures and unusual luxuries
First larger towns were in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and with trading, the idea of having to make everything yourself started to disappear. You could easily trade milk for grain or something else that you needed. Cities realized they could get things they usually wouldn’t have in their surroundings because they were different. Places far away had other resources, so the long-distance trade became a thing.
The first long-distance trade
It is believed it happened between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley in Pakistan 5000 years ago. People considered spices, metals, and even specific robes as a luxury, so cities who had these commodities became rich quickly. This also resulted in cultural connections and getting familiar with various customs.
Cyprus was widely famous for its copper, while Near East and Egypt had papyrus and wool. The famous “silk road” has the name because China traded spices, jade, and silk with great success.
Ancient Networking
People used to trade by sea as well since there were no proper roads. The Nile, the Tigris, and the Euphrates were the most famous and extensive networks for traders, continually delivering various items.
When caravans started operating, towns were growing like never before, and trade routes became broader. This also resulted in getting to know other cultures, founding new cities, and adopting new customs. Many people would even stay where they come to trade since that was easier than going back home.
Trading Today
It’s easy to assume that people are now trading just for money, and there is nothing more to it. While we have the stock market and foreign exchange, we are still learning about other countries, whether we want it or not. We are learning about politics, economics, what is going on to know when to trade, and much more. We are connected globally, digitally, and we still learn new things about trading every day. While exchanging goods was a privilege, now it’s a matter of you wanting to learn more about forex or trading in general and putting your time into it.